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CBT is the Most Common Treatment for Anxiety – How Can It Help You?

What is Anxiety? We all sometimes experience feelings of worry and nervousness. An anxiety disorder, however, involves excessive uneasiness. This chronic apprehension is usually combined with panic attacks and/or some kind of compulsive behavior. We don’t always know we have an anxiety disorder because we may be more focused on the symptoms. Common anxiety symptoms […]

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Do You Suffer From General Anxiety? 7 Things You Can Do at Home to Relax

Anxiety takes many, many forms. For example, with social anxiety, the focus may be primarily on meeting new people. With general anxiety—as the name suggests—things are harder to pin down. Trouble can really start, however, if you don’t pin it down. If general anxiety is not managed, the inevitable result is more general anxiety. Symptoms […]

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Ineffective Communication Can Result in Relationship Problems. How Can You Fix It?

We live in the era of non-stop and instant communication. However, we may also be living in the era of ineffective communication. This spells big trouble in many areas of our lives. From career to family and beyond, how we communicate is essential. It’s particularly essential when it comes to your relationship as a couple.

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CBT for Depression: Identify and Change Negative Thought Patterns and Behaviors to Change Your Life

No two people are alike. Therefore, no two people with depression are alike. Some people feel emptiness. Others are irritable and cranky. For many, physical symptoms are more obvious. They may be less energetic or experience poor concentration. Amidst these and other symptoms, we must remember that depression is a serious and increasingly common problem. […]

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