Forensic Services

The legal system classifies people in dichotomous terms – guilty or not guilty; honest or deceitful; innocent or blameworthy; competent or incompetent. Human behavior is often more complex than these terms suggest.

Using Evaluation, the Forensic Interview, and Expert Witness Testimony

A forensic psychologist can be a valuable asset for educating attorneys, judges, and juries about litigants’ behavior or explaining the connection between psychological principles and legal issues. A forensic psychologist can offer assistance in criminal trials, child custody disputes, and at sentencing by providing objective evaluations of a plaintiff or defendant, by critiquing a forensic interview, or by providing expert witness testimony about an issue before the court.

Meet Dr. Swerdlow-Freed, Forensic Psychologist, Michigan

As a highly trained, widely respected forensic psychologist, Dr. Daniel Swerdlow-Freed has extensive experience providing psychological evaluations, forensic interview services, case analysis, trial consultation, and expert witness testimony. His psychological evaluations and work-product reviews are well known throughout Michigan for being accurate, thorough, fair, and balanced. His reports and expert witness testimony are clear, precise, and straightforward. Dr. Swerdlow-Freed supports his reputation for honesty and integrity with a commitment to providing independent, impartial, and unbiased expert witness consultation services, including review of forensic interviews of children involving allegations of sexual abuse and physical abuse.

All forensic psychologist services are available to prosecution, plaintiff, and defense counsel throughout Michigan and the United States.

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