Expert witness testimony and trial consultation

Incorporating the expertise of a forensic psychologist in trial planning and preparation can be a valuable strategy for effective legal representation. As a trial consultant, a forensic psychologist can provide education about the psychological issues in a case, review the work product of a mental health professional, and provide assistance in preparing for direct and cross-examination of expert and lay witnesses. As an expert witness, a forensic psychologist can provide testimony concerning the psychological issues in a case or serve as a rebuttal witness to another expert.

Serving as both an expert witness and a trial consultant, Dr. Daniel Swerdlow-Freed has supported countless attorneys in developing and implementing effective trial strategies. His contributions are based on over 15 years of experience, extensive knowledge of established psychological principles, and thorough awareness of contemporary research. Dr. Swerdlow-Freed can explain the psychological issues central to a case, craft litigation strategies, and provide the psychological research that supports the facts of a case. He is skilled at translating the complex dynamics of human nature into simple terms that judges and jurors comprehend, and enables them to reach fair and reasonable verdicts.

Dr. Swerdlow-Freed provides expert witness testimony and trial consultation in cases involving:

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