Anger management

Anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences at various points throughout their lives. People, situations, and even past experiences can cause anger to build within us. Those who struggle with anger management typically lack the tools to appropriately channel anger, express anger, and move beyond it. Circumstances that may cause mere frustration in some can quickly escalate to fury and aggressive, dangerous behavior in others. The fallout of one’s anger control issues can severely damage relationships at home, school, and work. In extreme cases, failing to appropriately manage anger can lead to domestic violence and child abuse, workplace violence, and divorce.

The psychologists at Swerdlow-Freed Psychology help individuals identify anger-inducing situations and develop resources for dealing with anger. We will help you develop ways to improve your anger management skills and find constructive methods for facing difficult situations and people.

Learning how to control anger through therapy includes:

  • Developing effective coping skills
  • Developing control over angry responses
  • Increasing frustration tolerance
  • Improving problem-solving strategies
  • Replacing aggressive behavior with assertive behavior
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