Couples therapy and marriage counseling

Even the best relationships and marriages go through times of turmoil and dissatisfaction. When problems have a negative impact on individuals or the family unit, it is important to seek help. Relationship counseling helps spouses and partners identify the causes of their relationship problems and solve them. It also helps individuals and couples develop tools to improve communication and strengthen their emotional connection.

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Irene Swerdlow-Freed provide couples counseling and marriage therapy to help individuals work through relationship issues arising from poor communication, financial pressures, difficulty with children or extended family, domestic violence, infidelity, and lack of trust in relationships. We are highly skilled at improving communication, identifying and eliminating unhealthy behavior patterns, mediating chronic conflicts, and helping couples rekindle feelings of love, affection, and caring.

Long-term relationships, particularly those involving marriage and children, deserve the attention and expertise that an experienced family therapist can provide. As relationship therapists, we can help you strengthen your bond, improve communication, and renew respect for one another in order to improve your overall family life.

The psychologists at Swerdlow-Freed Psychology provide couples therapy and marriage counseling for:

  • Attempting to save a marriage and fix a relationship
  • Identifying and resolving marital problems
  • Improving communication, mutual respect and trust
  • Mourning and accepting the end of marriage
  • Mourning and accepting the end of relationships
  • Premarital counseling
  • Rediscovering attraction and strengthen your bond
  • Understanding and resolving relationship conflict
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