Stress management

The demands of contemporary life can be very stressful. Stress can result from situations, events, or any circumstance that is perceived as threatening or worrisome. It can be produced by major life events, such as death or divorce, or it can result from daily hassles – coping with a demanding job, financial hardship, or problems with a child. Stress may also result from how we perceive a situation and a lack of confidence in our ability to handle it. Most adults would characterize themselves as stressed at one time or another, and handling stressful situations is a normal part of everyday life. However, those individuals who lack the ability to effectively manage stress can experience harmful physical and emotional effects that disrupt their ability to function successfully.

Dr. Daniel and Dr. Irene Swerdlow-Freed believe that managing stress is an important skill that can improve a person’s happiness and ability to enjoy life. We help patients identify the sources of stress in their lives and evaluate whether their coping strategies are helpful or unhealthy. We teach stress management techniques to reduce stress and eliminate feelings of being exhausted, harassed, and overwhelmed. Our treatment approach is designed for persons that need support during a particular stressful life event as well as those who seek new strategies to reduce stress in everyday life.

Stress relief can be achieved through a variety of techniques and tools:

  • Creating healthy outlets for relieving stress
  • Developing planning strategies and time management techniques
  • Eliminating perfectionism
  • Regular exercise and adopting healthy lifestyle choices
  • Understanding what causes stress and evaluating its role in our lives
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