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Dr. Daniel and Dr. Irene Swerdlow-Freed are committed to helping patients successfully confront challenges, discover personal resources, and live life to its fullest potential. We have over 50 years of combined experience in providing therapy services.

We provide individual therapy and marriage counseling. We provide a safe, non-judgmental setting where each patient can discuss personal concerns, improve relationships, and overcome obstacles such as depression and anxiety, marital conflict, separation and divorce, bereavement, and other life problems.

Identifying your personal strengths and developing solutions to the problems you face is central to our psychology services. In addition to adults and couples counseling, our doctoral-level training and extensive experience enables us to provide effective adolescent therapy and geriatric psychology services for a variety of psychological and behavioral problems.

We also offer a range of forensic psychology services including evaluation, expert witness testimony, trial consultation, and work product review. Many of our forensic services are available nationwide.

Therapy Services

Marital Therapy

coupleDo you and your partner argue often, rarely coming to a resolution or compromise that meets both of your needs? Are you finding it difficult to communicate your feelings and desires without getting upset or losing your temper?


Senior Therapy

seniorDo you worry that a senior in your life, maybe your mother or father, is suffering from loneliness or living in isolation? Perhaps your senior relative isn’t sleeping because of a fear of dying, physical aches and pains, or both.


Depression Therapy

depress2Do you feel unable to face your daily responsibilities? Are you suffering in silence, feeling like nobody understands the gloom you’re living with? Do you find yourself hiding away from the world, sometimes unable to muster the energy to get out of bed in the morning?


Anxiety Therapy

depressDo you feel like anxiety is limiting your life? Are you suffering in silence, feeling like nobody understands what you’re going through? Do you find yourself hiding away from the world, afraid of triggering social anxiety or a panic attack?


Forensic Psychology Services

Child Custody

child custodyThe disputes that occur at the end of a marriage or long-term relationship can be acrimonious. This is particularly true of disagreements about child custody arrangements. In amicable situations, parents agree on child custody and parenting time schedules and submit an agreement to the court as a formality for approval.


Expert Witness &
Trial Consultation

expertIncorporating the expertise of a forensic psychologist in trial planning and preparation can be a valuable strategy for effective legal representation. As an expert witness, a forensic psychologist can provide testimony concerning the psychological issues in a case or serve as a rebuttal witness to another expert.


Forensic Interviewing
of Children

forensicForensic interviewing of children is an impartial fact-finding process that guides decision-making in criminal, family, and juvenile law cases. A forensic interview is a structured conversation that is designed to obtain information from the child about an event the child has experienced.


Competency to
Stand Trial

criminal responsibliityLegal practice requires that defendants in criminal proceedings are competent to stand trial. To meet this requirement, Federal and State case law imposes responsibility on trial judges to ensure a defendant’s competency if presented with evidence that calls this ability into question.



criminaAs part of trial strategy, defense counsel may put forth an insanity defense asserting that a defendant’s state of mind at the time of the offense was severely impaired and, therefore, reduces the defendant’s legal culpability. A defendant who is competent to stand trial may still have a legitimate basis for an insanity defense.





Adolescent, Adult, and Geriatric Therapy

At Swerdlow-Freed Psychology we work with you through solution-oriented therapy to achieve your personal goals and improve your relationships.


Forensic Psychology and Expert Witness Testimony

Psychological evaluations of children, adolescents, and adults involved in family and criminal legal proceedings are a specialty of Forensic Psychologist Dr. Daniel Swerdlow-Freed. His evaluations are comprehensive and objective, and meet the highest professional and ethical standards. Dr. Swerdlow-Freed is highly regarded for his critiques of forensic interviews and child custody reports, and expert witness testimony. His expertise is devoted to a wide range of psycho-legal issues.

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