In the articles below, forensic interview and custody evaluation specialist Daniel H. Swerdlow-Freed, Ph. D. discusses a variety of topics, including sexual abuse of children, parental alienation, and the roles played by jurors, psychologists, children, and parents in family and criminal law litigation.

Child Custody Articles

In cases of child custody disputes, courts must decide what is in the best interest of the child. Reaching this decision may require having a forensic psychologist conduct interviews and give expert testimony regarding child or parental alienation, the effects of domestic violence, the psychological functioning of parents, or other important issues. Dr. Swerdlow-Freed discusses research on many of these topics, including how to prepare for a child custody evaluation and how to determine if a child custody evaluation has been properly conducted.

Child Sexual Abuse & Forensic Interviewing of Children Articles

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when conducting a forensic interview in cases involving allegations of sexual abuse of children and communicating findings to a judge or jury. Doctor Swerdlow-Freed discusses research on forensic interviewing procedure, children’s memory and suggestibility, hearsay testimony, and other topics that commonly arise in these very challenging cases.

Therapy Articles

Doctor Irene Swerdlow-Freed discusses a variety of topics that she and Dr. Daniel Swerdlow-Freed encounter in their practice, including work-related stress, helping children cope with divorce, and improving communication between parents and teenagers.