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What Are the Risk Factors for a Midlife Marital Crisis? And What Can You Do?

No couple is immune to a midlife marital crisis. Unfortunately, many couples do ignore the signs that a marital crisis could be on the horizon. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. When you’re married for an extended period of time, it’s normal to go through some rough patches. But there are certain risk factors to pay […]

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Why “Happily Ever After” Isn’t Real But “Loving Each Other No Matter What” Is

There are three words that make every relationship better: “I love you.” Then there are three words that aren’t as productive as we’re made to think: “Happily ever after.” It’s make-believe designed for the hearts and minds of children. For adults, it’s not, and will never be, real. Why “Happily Ever After” Isn’t Real “Happily […]

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Ineffective Communication Can Result in Relationship Problems. How Can You Fix It?

We live in the era of non-stop and instant communication. However, we may also be living in the era of ineffective communication. This spells big trouble in many areas of our lives. From career to family and beyond, how we communicate is essential. It’s particularly essential when it comes to your relationship as a couple.

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