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Ineffective Communication Can Result in Relationship Problems. How Can You Fix It?

We live in the era of non-stop and instant communication. However, we may also be living in the era of ineffective communication. This spells big trouble in many areas of our lives. From career to family and beyond, how we communicate is essential. It’s particularly essential when it comes to your relationship as a couple.

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What to Do When Chronic Conflict Ruins Healthy Communication

Have you and your partner been struggling with conflict? Do you find yourselves ending discussions in arguments instead of agreements? Chronic conflict wears down and eventually ruins any relationship. However, there are ways that couples can get back on track with healthy communication. Here are a few suggestions. 1. Press the Pause Button Couples slip […]

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Strengthening Family Ties with Traditions

The “traditional” family is now only one of a variety of family structures that includes single parent families, two career families, biracial families, blended families with part-time and full-time stepchildren, homosexual couples, grandparents as parents, and households with parents of different religions or cultures. While family composition has been redefined, the basic needs of human […]

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