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Why Depression Counseling Is Crucial to Help You Regain Control of Your Life

What we call “depression” is much more than temporarily feeling down or blue. It’s also more than sadness or grief during very difficult times. Major Depressive Disorder is a common, psychological problem with many variations and factors involved. One of the most frightening features of depression is a sense of your life being out of […]

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Suffering in Silence? – 6 Tips to Helps Others With Understanding Your Depression

Understanding your depression is a major step toward managing it. And, getting others to start understanding your depression can often be just as important. You need help. You need allies. Perhaps most crucially, you need an informed and educated support system. Begin with clearing up any confusion as to what depression is. How Depression Is […]

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CBT for Depression: Identify and Change Negative Thought Patterns and Behaviors to Change Your Life

No two people are alike. Therefore, no two people with depression are alike. Some people feel emptiness. Others are irritable and cranky. For many, physical symptoms are more obvious. They may be less energetic or experience poor concentration. Amidst these and other symptoms, we must remember that depression is a serious and increasingly common problem. […]

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