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How Anxiety Can Complicate Effective Interpersonal Communication

Millions of people across the world suffer from some type of anxiety. Many of these people have not been officially diagnosed. Anxiety is adept at complicating our lives, including effective interpersonal communication. It affects our communication skills. The way we speak, our body language, and how we behave in various relationships. With so many people affected […]

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5 Steps to Manage Living with Depression During the Holiday Season

The holidays are depicted as a joyous and happy time. But for some people, they can also trigger feelings of stress and depression. There are so many expectations surrounding the holiday season, it’s easy to feel frustrated or overwhelmed. If you’re already living with depression, this time of year often only makes it worse. Money […]

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How to Keep the Holiday Stress from Making Your Anxiety Symptoms Worse

The holidays can be a fun, joyful time to spend with friends and family. Unfortunately, for people with anxiety, they can also cause symptoms to flare up. Learning how to deal with holiday stress can help when it comes to managing those anxiety symptoms. Almost everyone experiences some stress during the holidays. Schedules are busier […]

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