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How Geriatric Counseling Helps Your Aging Loved One to Communicate Effectively

Everyone has their own issues. As we age, these challenges may often remain in place. Meanwhile, a whole new brand of concerns emerge. These problems may include: Retirement transition Physical impairments and limitations Reduced independence Social isolation More frequent deaths of friends and family These and other emotional and physical factors play a major role […]

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Suffering in Silence? – 6 Tips to Helps Others With Understanding Your Depression

Understanding your depression is a major step toward managing it. And, getting others to start understanding your depression can often be just as important. You need help. You need allies. Perhaps most crucially, you need an informed and educated support system. Begin with clearing up any confusion as to what depression is. How Depression Is […]

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When Anxiety Limits Your Life, How Can You Start Liberating Yourself?

Introvert memes and GIFs. Social media is teeming with clever posts about not wanting to socialize—or even leave the house! Some of these are quite funny and can feel validating for those who are not of the extrovert variety. Many of them, however, are dangerously inaccurate. Generalized anxiety and/or social anxiety are not the stuff […]

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Why “Happily Ever After” Isn’t Real But “Loving Each Other No Matter What” Is

There are three words that make every relationship better: “I love you.” Then there are three words that aren’t as productive as we’re made to think: “Happily ever after.” It’s make-believe designed for the hearts and minds of children. For adults, it’s not, and will never be, real. Why “Happily Ever After” Isn’t Real “Happily […]

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