Allegations of child physical abuse and child sexual abuse are serious matters requiring skillful, methodical investigation. The complex nature of these charges is often compounded by a lack of physical evidence or delay between the occurrence of the alleged abuse and its disclosure. At trial, decisions about witness credibility are made by judges or jurors that may not be familiar with issues related to children’s memory and suggestibility. Research shows that misconceptions exist about these subjects and providing judges and jurors with accurate information can be a crucial aspect of trial strategy. Knowledgeable expert testimony can diminish both unnecessary doubt and naïve trust in children’s reports of physical abuse and sexual abuse, and can contribute to the fair administration of justice.

Dr. Daniel Swerdlow-Freed has advanced training in the forensic interviewing of children. His knowledge and expertise includes extensive understanding of children’s language and cognitive development, memory abilities, and interviewing practices that elicit accurate reports from child witnesses. Attorneys value his ability to explain research-based knowledge about these and other relevant subjects in simple, easy-to-understand terms. His explanations are highly informative and provide judges and jurors with the precise information needed to accurately weigh witness testimony and supplementary evidence.

Dr. Swerdlow-Freed can provide research-based testimony regarding: